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FFG ruins Chronos Protocol event in Bulgaria

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Posted 30 March 2014 - 07:30 PM

And don't forget that in the US you ARE speaking from a position of privilege, whether you realise it or not. You live in a country that gets these products with little to no disruption of service. There's a reason you don't get Blue Shells when you're winning, so please don't make comments about other people's 'entitlement'.

The enitlement I talk about is that if FFG is going to do something for someone it has to do that for absolutely everyone. It's an attitude of "If we can't have it then no one should." Honestly I'm surprised that there aren't more posts on the internet complaining that FFG only built a game center in Minneapolis and not in every major metropolitan area in the world. When they first announced the plugged-in tour I was flabbergasted by the response. Instead of being happy that FFG is doing something like this for their fans it was 95% "HOW DARE FFG DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS FOR SOMEONE ELSE AND IGNORE ME!!!" Mind you this wasn't just the Europeans that were complaining. Any place that wasn't with-in a 2hour driving distance of a tour seemed to have at least a couple of people having a "woe is me because FFG hates me" attitude. I just can't wrap my head around that kind of an attitude. I've said this before and I'll say it again: my gain does not mean someone else's loss. And while clearly I have no way to prove this I guarantee you that my response would be the same if the situation were reversed and I was getting the short end of the stick. I would just be happy that a company cares enough about it's player base that it's trying to give back to it's players.


And it would be ok if this was just someone blowing-off steam on the internet. But the problem is (and I know you follow the boards and the community enough to know this Feesh) that FFG actually does listen to the community and they do pay attention to what the community says. And the result of the plugged-in tour response wasn't just that Europe got the Chronos protocol but also that FFG will most likely never do this sort of thing again because of the negative response that they got. So ranting posts like these on the internet, while I'm sure they feel good, do end up hurting our small community in the end after all. As Damon Stone said: (and I quote) "F*** the forums"


Now this is a post, which people like frybender can learn from.

Thank you for that post CommissarFeesh

My initial point, was not to start a "flame war on the forum" and "rage on the internet", but was to provide feedback and alert the community ( if not FFG) about  such neglect towards an event  ( i say it again) of the highest magnitude (probably after regionals and worlds)  ... however the horrible blindly defending attitude of frybender, let my emotions get the better of me.

Another thing I would like to mention though, is that I don't really consider a FFG a "small company". The reason is that they have license for, let me list :

- Star Wars 
- Game of Thrones

- Lord of the Rings 
- Warhammer  Universe 

These are one of the biggest franchises ever, crossing over multiple mediums. You can't buy them if you are a "small company".  Hence, why I expected a better attitude and distribution from FFG towards Europe ( and rest of the world), knowing fully well, that the market of those franchises transcends "just America".  



The funnny thing about all of this is that I wasn't really defending FFG from the start (if you look at my original post). Just pointing out that they are not as big as people seem to think they are. Also I think you got enraged because you misunderstood what vocal minority means.


It's great that you don't consider FFG a small company but unfortunately things don't work purely off of your considerations. Yes they have a lot of licenses but that doesn't make them some huge worldwide conglamoration. If you're ever in the US and you end up being in the area of Minneapolis you really should stop by the FFG center. I think it will be quite eye-opening for you when you realize just how "big" of a company they really are. From the multiple conversations that I've personally had and have heard others have had with every FFG employee they really are trying their hardest to please everyone and grow as fast as they can but unfortunately you can't just become a worldwide leader in boardgaming with offices in every corner of the world in a couple of months.


So I'll reiterate: the situation sucks and I'm sure that FFG is at least partly (and maybe even wholly) to blame. Please understand that this does not come out of some evil nefarious hatred that FFG has for all of Europe (although the whole competing FLGS's does sound kind of weird). They simply don't have the logistics in place yet for the kind of worldwide support that many people seem to expect. I hope that you guys still get to put on a great event even without the Chronos swag, and hopefully FFG will make it right sometime later-on.

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Posted 31 March 2014 - 09:38 AM

This thread has been locked as the information being portrayed is incomplete. Be aware that FFG is aware of this unfortunate situation and is reaching out to the involved parties again by email to try and resolve this issue.

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