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New Style Modules.

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#1 Michael_The



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Posted 22 March 2014 - 01:26 AM

After the release of the Dominus Exxet Martial Arts where given a massive upgrade while Style Modules where left sadly lacking. Because of this the class of Weapon-master was left with near to no late game abilities making it one of the weakest classes. What I wanted to with this topic is to see if we could improve the late game ability's of anyone who doesn't want to go into ki, magic or psychic by improving/making new Style Modules. One of the ideas i had was Style Modules Trees.


Here is an example:


Mounted Combat:


Requirements: 60 Ride


Once per combat turn whenever a your mount is targeted by an attack, you can use your Ride ability instead of your mounts defence ability.





Ride-By Attack:


Requirements: Mounted Combat Style Module, 100 Ride.


Once per combat turn your mount can move at its full movement value as a passive action. You may make attacks at any point during this movement gaining the bonuses for charging.





Mounted Shield:


Requirements: Mounted Combat Style Module, 100 Ride.


When you are astride your mount equipped with a shield, your mount counts as being equipped with the same shield gaining its bonuses against melee and ranged attacks. This includes bonuses for quality.





Powerful Charge:


Requirements: Ride-By Attack and Mounted Combat Style Modules, 200 Ride.


Once every 5 turns, whenever you make a charge attack you may declare it to be a powerful charge. When you declare that you wish to mount a Powerful charge, the character obtains a special bonus to your Attack and damage equal to 1/10 (round down at multiples of 5) of your Ride Secondary Ability.





Mounted Mastery:


Requirements: Mounted Shield and Mounted Combat Style Modules, 200 Ride.


You may use the effects Mounted Combat up to half your agility score per turn, rounding up.





Godlike Charge:


Requirements: Powerful Charge, Ride-By Attack and Mounted Combat Style Modules, 300 Ride.


Once per combat, the you can make a special charge attack. To do so, you must ride in a straight line for at least a full turn. Then, gaining the bonuses from Powerful Charge, you move 500 feet forward in a straight line (in the direction you were going in the previous turn), attacking everyone along your path with your full Attack Ability.





Any comments would be much appreciated.


Thank you. :)


#2 Latoshi



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Posted 26 March 2014 - 05:09 AM

*claps* Wonderful!  I have been thinking about doing something with mounted characters myself, but you hit the nail on the head. However, might I suggest a change to powerful charge? As what is currently in place can be abused with relative ease by a player who tries. Instead how about doubleing the bonuses to attack from charging and adding the mounts strength to the base damage, along with the players strength of course. This way it seems less dependant on the rider themself and more dependant on the mount and rider being a team. Also it could be an added benifit to remove the penalty to defenses for charging on said powerful charge. Godlike charge is very good as well, but I would have the range of movement dependant on the mounts movement, and of course add the mounts strength to the damage roll as well.


These are just my opinions on the matter. Overall I absolutely love the concept and idea! Thank you for this contribution.


Edit: When I was refering to adding the mounts STR to damage, I meant in addition to the bonus already in place for charges detailed in mounted combat. (I.E. adding another multiple double becomes triple etc.)

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