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Droids in AoR

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#21 themensch



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Posted 24 May 2014 - 07:34 AM

I don't think you need to follow hard and fast rules for NPC droids.  Make them how you need them to fit plot, add a little flair, and you're done.  As GM, you don't need to belabor the build, just assign some stats and move on. 


I of course will be in the front of the line to buy a droids book, certainly!  Until then, I've gotten pretty far with a copy of The Essential Guide to Droids and flat out making things up.  

#22 oriondean



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Posted 10 June 2014 - 09:35 AM


personally i like the idea of having some rules for "modding" your droid's skills. like for instance taking out an astromech's astrogation skill and putting in gambling skill (i dont have the book infront of me so i dont know the skills perfectly) and saying "this is the hutt crime boss's odds fixing droid for his gambling games". or for instance or getting a DUM- series droid and only giving it a few ranks in astrogation and getting rid of every other skill and upgrade it had so it is your (faulty, har har) astrogation calculator :D should make for some funny games with a bumbling 3 stooges like DUM droid making your astrogation checks. but hey, its cheap.


The problem with swapping out a droid's skill after you purchase it is that it is very easy to step on the toes of PCs that have worked towards being "that guy" in the party.  It's one thing for a group to buy an astromech because nobody wants to be the mechanic, it's another thing to own PROXY and have him outshine just about anybody in the group because you downloaded the right module.  


when i posted i never intended to suggest such a thing. im sure somebody will, but i would mod a droid to step in when no PC can.

#23 edisung



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Posted 15 June 2014 - 04:55 PM

The GM kit for EotE provides rules for leveling NPCs, if I remember correctly, that could be used to level your NPC droid. Maybe your GM could just be more restrictive on how the droid earns xp for when they have actively assisted the pcs in an adventure. The downside is that it's unclear as to what might be a career skill for the droid. They may only be able to take specializations from the pcs themselves and then have cost for additional ones. I would look to that for rules to follow and then see what works best for your GM and party.

I do agree that the best bet that we will get additional help and rules regarding this will be found in the technician supplement that has yet to be announced. Hopefully it'll be the next one to come through. I can wait on the bounty hunter and smuggler supplements for now if they provide that sort of information. :)
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#24 Kulikov



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Posted 08 July 2014 - 06:36 PM

What I need to know is how droids that are required for certain starfighters (X Wings, Y Wings) interact with the ship. Do they count as additional crew, for additional actions? That could be a significant boon to the Y wing, which would then have 3 effective crew and make it more useful than the 'bargain bin stock fighter'.


The other reason I want to know is that I'm considering a plot line where the party keeps witnessing sabotage and problems, caused by a traitor droid. An imperal agent discovered that the Rebels sometimes leave a captured droid's memory intact, and so deployed a group of 'sleeper agent' Astromech droids with sabotage routines to get captured. 


This storyline would have a lot more impact if the PCs were able to grow with their assigned astromech, developing relationships with them and their personalities.

#25 edisung



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Posted 09 July 2014 - 08:46 AM

What we may see at one point, possibly in a Technician book as Maelora states, is some expansion on droids, but probably not any more than what we have seen in the core books. In fact I would be surprised to even see droids in F&D since they are not Force-users.


that's a good point but i'm not so sure about them being excluded completely.  they might not be able to use the force, but they do make for great targets while practicing or as it was in the CW, great canon fodder.  you probably just won't have them included as a playable race -- at least there's a repeat we know we won't see in the beta!

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