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Please Help Me Strategize.

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#1 BillyBabel



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Posted 24 February 2014 - 05:44 PM

Ok, so far I've been getting my butt kicked as overlord, primarily by Logan Lashley. He has cross bow which is an exotic weapon and has a free pierce, and he has slight of hand which gives him 2 pierce, and one attack for not attacking with anyone near him, and for a surge 2 extra damage, and he has the sun stone. So all in all before dice are even rolled he has 3 pierce and 3 damage.

We also have Alvric playing as Prohpet, Widow Tahra playing as Necromancer, and Syndrael playing as knight. Widow Tahra has runeplate and a rune of somesort giving her black die.

I have Bol Gorath as an agent and 3 lvl one cards from the infector deck, one that gives you plus one on defense for a corruption, the one that gives you plus one heart on attack for corruption and the one that adds one shield to an attribute test for corruption, and also one plus 2 shields card from the warlord deck. I'm using the basic deck.

I own all the exp packs but not the CK.

The first quest I coming up is "what's yours is mine" from the Lair of Wyrm expansion. I think I'm going to envenom the Hybrid Sentinels and choose shadow dragons as my open group because they are large, have high health, can block the narrow halls the map is made of, and are harder to get hit by the skeleton and the knight.

Next up we will have the interlude, I don't know which one the heroes are gonna pick, so if anyone has good suggestions for either of those I'd love to hear them.

#2 BentoSan



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Posted 26 February 2014 - 11:57 AM

I was under the impression no one gets to pick which interlude is played. Its decided by who has won the majority of the first act quests leading up to the interlude.


Slightly unrelated: In anther thread you asked what card i would replace another card with. To answer that question not get rid of that card that was in question and would instead keep an oversized overlord deck. Sorry i did not answer this before, i was going to go back to answer your question but then i ended up forgetting which thread it was in. My group often spends a lot of rounds playing out a game and the overlord runs out of cards before the end of the second encounter regally. When i know we are going to plaay a quest that is going to run pretty short then the cards i would get rid of would depend highly on what the focus for the quest in question was all about. Sorry i cannot give you a more clear answer than that!


Hopefully ill have time before you finish this quest to look over the encounter and tell you what my initiial strategy would be. Sadly its 2am and i need some zzz's

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#3 rfisha



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Posted 26 February 2014 - 08:09 PM

Bento, in LotR you can choose.


Billybabel, with no CK it's a lot more challenging.  Because of his high pierce, you could use smaller beasties (fire Imps for example) that may compensate for the high pierce values (better to single shot an imp rather than a large shadow dragon).  Try to get Logan to use his Feat early if possible.


Don't have the cards on me at the moment or quest book on me atm, but you can also try to keep your large monsters alive with the healing style card in the universal set (the name escapes me).  I found when I played Logan I was smashed with the flurry and dash cards from the basic 2 set, but I didn't have a knight in my group.  Logan was particulary weak in defense, so the surprise double attack was enough to cripple him for the a knock down later in that turn.


Sorry for being so general, but I haven't got anything in front of me at the moment.

#4 Whitewing



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Posted 26 February 2014 - 09:15 PM

If logan in particular is giving you trouble with his set up, but the others aren't too bad, try large groups of weaker monsters. Logan has very weak defense overall, but his damage output on a single target is strong. Overall, 5 goblin archers are going to do more damage a round reliably than 2 shadow dragons, and if you can manage to get him out of position, you can take him down pretty quickly.


With runeplate on widow tarha, you're going to want to ignore her as much as possible. Fortunately for you she's the necromancer and not the runemaster, so she's not going to be blowing things up that quickly (her gear doesn't benefit her reanimate). The prophet can't remove conditions, so try to get some conditions to stick. You'll want to play to the party's weaknesses and to the map requirements. 


In act 2, things will pick up again in your favor, as some of this gear will be largely obsolete.

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#5 rfisha



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Posted 27 February 2014 - 01:53 AM

Whitewing said it a lot clearer than I did :)

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